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Ella's Harstine Shasta Daisy CGC TKN VHMA

Daisy lives her life at a much slower pace than our other goldens.  She loves to spend her days spending time with her people.  She has a true golden retriever personality as everyone is her friend.

Daisy has a lower drive and doesn't require as much physical activity as some dogs.  She is just as happy taking a nap at your feet as she is to go out on a walk.  She is easy to work with and a pleasure to be around.  

Hips                                      Good

Elbows                                  Normal

Heart                                     Normal

Eyes                                      Normal

PRCD-PRA                           Clear

PRA-1                                   Clear

PRA-2                                   Clear

ICH                                       Clear

DM                                        Clear

NCL                                      Clear

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