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Retired Dogs:

SHR Clara's Belle of Harstine JH RN DJ CGC TKN VHMA 

Hips                        Excellent

Elbows                    Normal

Heart                       Normal

Eyes                        Normal

PRCD-PRA              Carrier

PRA1                       Clear

PRA2                       Clear

ICH                          Carrier

ICH 2                       Clear

DM                           Clear

NCL                         Clear

Belle is our one of a kind girl.  Before we brought Belle home as a puppy, we asked her breeder to describe Belle's personality.  He said that she is a pistol, but is eager to please.  That description could not have described our Belle any better.


Belle lives to retrieve.  She has a high drive and a great work ethic.  Her eagerness to please has made her a pleasure to train.  She always comes out with a good attitude and is ready to go to work.

Belle has earned her SHR (UKC Started Hunting Retriever Title), JH (AKC Junior Hunter), RN (Rally Novice), DJ (Dock Junior), TKN (Trick Dog Novice), VHMA (Virtual Home Manners Adult) and CGC (Canine Good Citizen) AKC titles.  

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