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Kennedy's Lady Elsie DJ FTN RATN TKN VHMA FITB

Elsie 32.jpg
Elsie 23.jpg

Hips             Good (Prelims)
Elbows        Normal (Prelims)
Heart           Normal
Eyes            Normal

PRA-1          Clear
PRA-2          Clear
ICH              Clear
DM               Clear
NCL             Clear

Elsie is a girl that we bred from our program and we have some big plans for this girl!  We knew when Belle retired, we wanted to keep a special girl from her and Elsie definitely fit the bill.  She is so smart and aims to please.  She has lots of drive, but also has a nice off switch.  She is outgoing, loves people, and is easy to work with.  We will put her through our gun dog program and think she will turn into an awesome duck dog.  We are so excited to watch this girl grow!

Elsie 10.jpg
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