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Kennedy's Fancy Reba RN DJ CGC TKN VHMA

Reba is our eager to please, happy go lucky girl.  She is extremely smart and picks up on things quickly.  Everyone is her friend, dog and human alike.  She never meets a stranger, loves every adventure she goes on, and every day is the best day of her life!

Reba holds her own in her gun dog training.  She will try her heart out to make sure she is making her handler happy and is always ready to go to work.  She has a medium drive and a nice off switch.  

Reba has earned her AKC Rally Novice (RN) Title, Dock Diving Junior (DJ) Title, AKC Trick Dog (TKN) Title, and AKC Virtual Home Manners (VHMA) Title.

Hips                        Good

Elbows                   Normal

Heart                      Normal

Eyes                       Normal With BO

PRCD-PRA             Clear

PRA-1                     Clear

PRA-2                     Clear

Ich                           Carrier

Ich 2                        Clear

DM                          Clear

NCL                         Clear

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