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Reviews from our Puppy Families

Our Kramer is going to be a year old, and he has been amazing from day one! All the love and how much time they spent introducing him to everything before we even brought him home. I can not say enough about Kennedy Goldens. We are so amazed at how much love and training comes from this breeder. Can't wait for our next Kennedy Golden puppy someday. -Kramer's Family

Moose is the best dog! He’s a great family dog and a working dog. So eager to please and easy to train. We also keep getting compliments on how gorgeous he looks Thank you Nicole for all the heard work you put in to training this puppy. He was almost fully crate trained and potty trained when we got him at 9 weeks. The puppy phase was a breeze and each day is a joy to have Moose around. We are definitely calling you once we are ready for our second one. -Moose's Family

Kennedy Goldens brought me my dream puppy. Before Oakley, I had always wanted a puppy, but never had the chance to have one growing up. Kennedy Goldens made my dream not only a reality, but also helped with the journey of navigating a first dog. Oakley came to us already experiencing crate training, potty training, and riding in a car. It made the first few weeks of having a new puppy that much easier. The community of families is so much fun to be a part of because we can keep track of Oakley’s siblings and see what fun things we can incorporate into our home. Plus Oakley has been the light of our family for the past year. He brings us so much happiness, giggles, and love. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog or a better breeder! We already want a second one! -Oakley's Family

I can’t recommend Kennedy Golden’s enough. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nicole and her family not once but twice, and loved every minute of the experience. Their breeding program has consistently produced smart, active dogs that make a beautiful addition to any family.


Nicole was fantastic to work with. She knows her dogs inside and out and enthusiastically shares that knowledge. Her transparency began with the application process, through delivery, and the first 8 weeks of my puppies life. She educated me and kept me apprised every step of the way. She is thorough, professional, and most importantly, full of love for her dogs! I think my girl Frannie (Cruz/Daisy Spring 2022) and my boy Arlo (Duke/Daisy Spring 2023) are true testaments of the wonderful team at Kennedy Goldens!”

-Frannie and Arlo's Family

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